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Changzhou Red Machinery Co., Ltd., is a China manufacturer supplying products designed specifically for the generator product markets since 2005.Manufacturers and distributes the following major product ranges2-Cylinder Diesel Engine: V-twin cylinder , 4-stroke, air/water-cooled 12 to16KWDiesel Generator (Open Frame): V/Line-twin cylinder , 4-stroke, air/water-cooled 8.5 to16KWDiesel Generator (Silent): LOW NIOSE , V/Line-twin cylinder , 4-stroke, air/water-cooled 8.5 to16KW
Others: Single Cylinder Diesel Engine, Diesel Welding Generator, Water Pump
Total 30,000 square meters area and 6,000 square meters of workshop contain Production , Assembly and Text complete equipment. Full expe...


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  • Contact person: Naomi Nie
  • Tel: 0086-15995306091
  • Add: Sanhuangmiao Village, Zhenglu Town, Tianning District, Changzhou City , Jiangsu Province, China (Mainland)
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